Frequently Asked Questions

What size houses are we talking about?

500 – 1000 square feet. In this size range, you can have a mudroom entry, 1-3 bedrooms, 1-2 full baths, room to eat, and a living room. Adding a porch and covered entry are good ideas.

Why a small house?

Small houses consume fewer resources. They occupy a smaller footprint and take less energy to build, heat, and maintain. The houses I build don’t feel small. They’re just smaller than the average new house. By focusing on what you want and need, together we design efficiently. The end product is a house that satisfies your needs. Other than efficiency, it comes to personal preference. I like small houses, and find them incredibly appealing.

Where do you build?

The closer to home, Morrill, Maine, the better. If a project is over an hour away, I start thinking about living on site for my work week. I don’t take on projects over three hours away.

Do you offer plans?

Currently, no. Plans will be available soon.

What do the houses cost?

$160.00 per square foot is typical for the houses I build. You get a home solidly built with quality materials, designed to fit your needs.

What about all my stuff?

Through efficient design, we optimize useable space and maximize storage.

I’d like a small house, what do I do next?

Start collecting your ideas in one spot, whether a notebook or shoebox. Save pictures of what you like. Note features and details that are appealing that you’ve seen elsewhere. Think about other spaces you’ve lived in and what did, and didn’t work. The goal is to clarify your wants and needs. The more you know where you want to go, the easier it is to get there. Get in touch!