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I am a solo builder and designer of homes with over 30 years experience.

How I Began

In 1980, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a new show on PBS. It was called “This Old House” and was going to follow along on the restoration of old homes. The clouds parted and angels sang. I, too, was going to restore old homes. Just without the film crew.

In 1983, I began work in construction. In 1984, I bought my first house to restore. For the next ten years I bought, moved into and restored old houses. In 1994, I started building new homes designed to look and feel like the traditional New England homes I love.

What I Do Now

Since 2001 I’ve concentrated on building smaller homes; homes that range from 500 to 1000 square feet, still designed to capture the essence of a traditional New England home. I build homes that are as easy to live in as they are lovely. By doing so, I hope to encourage others to consider smaller homes as well.

Here’s what I bring to the homes I design and build:

  • A hands-on understanding of how all the components and systems of a house work.
  • The ability to take those separate components and have them function as a single cohesive system.
  • Strategies for efficient use of space.
  • Design elements to bring in natural light.
  • Classic crisp and clean trim detail.
  • An emphasis on natural building materials.
  • Healthy indoor environments through the use of simple air exchange systems.
  • Extended view lines which allow a small space to feel large.
  • Creative problem solving based on experience.

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